Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Packages with a 30-Day Free Trial

Here’s what you will get with every semi-dedicated hosting package:

  • Daily Data Backups
  • Dropbox Backups
  • Shared SSL IPs
  • ModSecurity
  • VPN Access (5 GB)
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel
  • Website Accelerators
  • User-friendly File Manager
  • Rich Email Manager
  • Powerful Domain Manager
  • ZFS Storage w/ SSDs
  • ZFS Mails & MySQL
  • Raid-Z (ZFS Raid)
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7 Tech Support


$20.00 / month

Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited Hosted Domain(s)

2 CPU Core(s)

Unlimited MySQL Storage

Unlimited E-mail Accounts

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Unlimited PgSQL Databases

Unlimited FTP Accounts

1 IP Address


$30.00 / month

Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited Hosted Domain(s)

1 CPU Core(s)

Unlimited MySQL Storage

Unlimited E-mail Accounts

Unlimited MySQL Databases

5 PgSQL Databases

Unlimited FTP Accounts

1 IP Address

Increased CPU quotas

Significantly more power for your web apps and web sites

SproHosting’s Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages provide you with a larger portion of the main server's processing power in comparison to regular shared web hosting accounts where you share this critical server resource with many customers.

This will free up more operating power for your busy sites that have to accept a greater amount of visitors. In addition, this will likely minimize any eventual service interruptions that might happen in case you go beyond the lower CPU allocations on a common website hosting account.

Increased MySQL queries

Host active MySQL tables effortlessly

In addition to substantially larger CPU allocations, the Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages also come with a large amount of allotted MySQL queries. This will help you hold more resource-hungry web apps and web sites without the need to stress about any eventual service disruptions.

SproHosting’s Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages provide different amounts of MySQL queries, allowing you to pick the setup that suits your present and future database processing demands.

Web Control Panel

Website maintenance made simple and undemanding

Our point’n’click Applications Installer simplifies website management and puts it close at hand. You can load data with quick drag–and–drop actions, take care of all the settings of your domains and websites from 1 location, obtain and relocate a lot of domains, create and coordinate multiple mail accounts, launch mailing list activities, build MySQL databases, purchase SSL Certificates to give protection to your clientele, and much more.

Comprehensive statistics will keep you updated on all visits and actions on your sites.

USA Data Center

A top-of-the-line USA data center

SproHosting’s Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages are situated in a modern USA located datacenter that is based in Chicago, Illinois. It ensures excellent connectivity with the whole world, meaning that all sites and applications working on the US Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages will benefit from optimum loading rates.

The USA located datacenter delivers perfect hosting conditions that allowed us to set up our personal internal network with custom-made computer hardware setup. Also, network stability is ensured by way of a staff of experts who perform server monitoring and problem solving day and night.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

Do not worry about your sites with our semi-dedicated hosting

We have assembled our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages with stability of overall performance and safety of site information in mind. Since the server strain is equally propagated among several physical machines, your sites will keep loading swiftly even if the server is under stress.

This furthermore indicates that the hosting area is much less liable to hacker and DDoS DoS issues.

SSD Drives

Your website will be even faster with solid–state drives

All up–to–date PCs and mobile computing devices feature solid–state drives and there is a serious reason for that. Solid–state drives have faster reading/writing rates, helping to make everything noticeably speedier. Exactly the same will apply to your Internet site if you transfer it over to SproHosting. All of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages are equipped with SSDs and the websites managed with us function faster as opposed to the ones functioning on standard hard disk drives.

And the good thing is that you do not need to modify or fine–tune anything by any means to cause it to manage quicker.

Faster Performance

Super quick connections for all of your sites

We have improved the network bandwidth to 10 Gbits to provide better connectivity plus lightning–fast data transfer rates for your websites. Also, we have included additional servers so as to improve server upkeep operations and to cut down website outages.

Our semi-dedicated hosting are provided with SSD hard drives, which have proved to be much faster and more reliable than the regular hard drives.

24x7 Support

E–mail us anytime

You could write to us day and night with any queries that you may have about our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages. You can write to us by using e–mail and by the ticketing system and we will reply back to you in up to 1 hour.

Actually, our normal answer period is as low as 20 min. On business days, you could call us or use the real–time chatting program on our online store.

Remote MySQL Access

Distant connections to your data bases

If you own a database which you have to share over various web pages on several physical machines and with separate website hosting firms, you can take advantage of the Remote MySQL function.

Using it, you are able to grant access to your database to various web pages that you trust. This is particularly important should you own a database of customers that you will need to share among a number of virtual shops.

Web Accelerators

A trouble–free method to improve your websites and apps

The Website Accelerators (Node.js, Memcached and Varnish) built into the Applications Installer, can easily appreciably accelerate your powerful websites. They’re designed to cache the information on your websites and so greatly reduce the amount of queries to the data base hosting server or the API.

This will help your web pages open much quicker than before and will help you bring more fully satisfied clients, that equates to much lower bounce rates.