OpenVZ VPS Hosting Packages

Total root access, guaranteed CPU allocations and SSD storage with all OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers. We provide you with a group of web accelerators to raise the loading rates of your websites, built in in our totally free web hosting Control Panel. You can easily choose data center location plus your server’s OS. We offer a couple of full server backups every week. 24/7 technical support. No setup charges.

$15.00 Per Month

OVZ Pluto Package

  • 30 GB Disk Space
  • 1000 GB Traffic
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core(s)
  • 1 IP Addresses
  • Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu
  • DirectAdmin/Hepsia
  • 1-hour Account Activation
  • All features

We're Different

  • Full Root Access
  • Full SSH Access
  • FREE Weekly Backup
  • Assisted Website Transfer
  • Domains Reseller Account
  • Quick Server Setup
  • No Setup Fees
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Multiple Data Centers
OVZ Pluto
$ 15.00/mo.
OVZ Eris
$ 25.00/mo.
OVZ Mercury
$ 45.00/mo.
OVZ Mars
$ 58.00/mo.
OVZ Venus
$ 70.00/mo.
OVZ Earth
$ 82.00/mo.
OVZ Neptune
$ 105.00/mo.
OVZ Uranus
$ 120.00/mo.
OVZ Saturn
$ 140.00/mo.
OVZ Jupiter
$ 175.00/mo.
CPU Core(s): 1 CPU Core(s): 1 CPU Core(s): 2 CPU Core(s): 2 CPU Core(s): 3 CPU Core(s): 3 CPU Core(s): 4 CPU Core(s): 4 CPU Core(s): 4 CPU Core(s): 4
RAM: 1 GB RAM: 2 GB RAM: 3 GB RAM: 4 GB RAM: 5 GB RAM: 6 GB RAM: 8 GB RAM: 9 GB RAM: 10 GB RAM: 11 GB
Disk Space: 30 GB Disk Space: 50 GB Disk Space: 70 GB Disk Space: 90 GB Disk Space: 110 GB Disk Space: 135 GB Disk Space: 180 GB Disk Space: 225 GB Disk Space: 270 GB Disk Space: 330 GB
Traffic: 1 TB Traffic: 2 TB Traffic: 3 TB Traffic: 4 TB Traffic: 5 TB Traffic: 6 TB Traffic: 7 TB Traffic: 8 TB Traffic: 9 TB Traffic: 10 TB
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Full–fledged OpenVZ VPS Hosting Package package deals

We offer you an all–inclusive OpenVZ VPS Hosting Package packed with all of the software tools you will demand in order to regulate your multi–media web presence. You’ll get a bunch of Linux OS’s, a free–of–charge Web Control Panel, SSD space for storage and assured root server access to the web server.

In addition, 100% CPU usage plus large memory allowances warrant pretty fast web hosting server data transfer rates. We take care of your info by carrying out regular offsite data backups.

The SolusVM Panel

Find the SolusVM Panel with your OpenVZ VPS Hosting Package

We’ll create each OpenVZ VPS Hosting Packages and will put in an Operating System of your choice (Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS), in addition to your individual copy of the SolusVM Admin Panel.

With SolusVM, you can reboot the server whenever you want and observe the up–to–date data space, data transfer and memory use. Also, you can easily take care of a variety of virtual servers within one particular profile.

A Free Control Panel

The most efficient way to manage your OpenVZ VPS Hosting Package

our OpenVZ VPS Hosting Package gives you a choice of Linux OS’s and a totally free Web Control Panel, which means you are able to begin working on your webpages soon after the signup process has been carried out.

The Control Panel has been brought to life by our group of professional programmers and features a drag–n–drop File Manager, all–inclusive reports and a full–featured Domains Manager with countless domain hosting choices.

Data Center Options

An option to pick out a data center for your OpenVZ VPS Hosting Package

Once you buy your OpenVZ VPS Hosting Package, aside from the Linux OS version and the Control Panel, you’ll also be able to pick the Datacenter Facilities area. This will allow you to opt for a data center that is closest to your web page users.

The aforementioned can help you offer considerably better site loading data transfer speeds to them. You can choose from a USA located datacenter (in the central district of Chicago, IL), a United Kingdom located datacenter facility (near London) and an Australia located datacenter (at the heart of Sydney).

Full Root Access

Admin access to the web hosting server and to your hosted content

Our OpenVZ VPS Hosting Packages offers are loaded with a set of guaranteed assets and root/administrator access to the server for absolute power over the machine and the data managed on it. You will have the option to host different webpages and to mount any third party program that you prefer.

Furthermore, the total supervision privileges that we offer you will make it easier to build a gameplay machine or control your own reseller hosting online business.

Admin Services

Delegate all server management duties to our competent system admins

Your OpenVZ VPS Hosting Package is offered pre–loaded with an Linux OS of your preference and the SolusVM admin panel, so that you can start supervising it promptly. Yet, in case you need assistance with the hosting server control assignments, you can make use of our Admin Services package at registration or buy it any time you like later as an addon from your Control Panel.

This package deal contains once–a–week Operating System updates and back–ups, computer software installation, server supervising, trouble–shooting & rebooting procedures, and others.

Installation & Troubleshooting

Leave the very hard admin work to us

Once you call for advice putting in a third party software application on your OpenVZ VPS Hosting Package or resolving an accidental challenge with the machine, you should make the most of our Installation & Problem–solving solution. Our sys operators will get all strenuous administration jobs off your hands, to make sure you can focus all your time and energy on site managing jobs instead.

No Setup Fees

Your OpenVZ VPS Hosting Package is fully arranged at no cost

As soon as you subscribe, we’ll configure the web hosting server for you and will set up the Linux distribution that you have preferred. What’s more, we’ll install the SolusVM panel and our custom–built, user–friendly web hosting Control Panel.

Our sys admins will perform all this for you at zero cost, so that you can save dollars and update your web hosting server later on in case your online demands have developed.