KVM VPS Hosting Packages

Complete root access, hardware-assisted CPU allocation and SSD storage with all Linux KVM VPS hosting packages. You can easily pick the server’s OS. Our company provides one full server backup every week. 24/7 technical support. No setup fees.

$14.00 Per Month

KVM 1 Package

  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • 300 GB Traffic
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core(s)
  • 1 IP Addresses
  • Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu
  • cPanel (Optional)
  • 1-hour Account Activation
  • All features

We're Different

  • Full Root Access
  • SSH Access
  • Weekly Backups
  • SSDs in RAID 10
  • Domains Reseller Account
  • Quick Server Setup
  • No Setup Fees
  • 99.9% Network Uptime
  • 24/7 Technical Support

There’s a lot more to look at. Examine what other take a look at we’ve prepared for you.


$25 / month

40 GB Disk Space

800 GB Traffic

2048 MB RAM

2 CPU Core(s)

1 IP Addresses

Unlimited Hosted Domains


cPanel (Optional)

1-hour Account Activation


$50 / month

80 GB Disk Space

1200 GB Traffic

4096 MB RAM

3 CPU Core(s)

1 IP Addresses

Unlimited Hosted Domains


cPanel (Optional)

1-hour Account Activation


$90.00 / month

160 GB Disk Space

1800 GB Traffic

8192 MB RAM

4 CPU Core(s)

1 IP Addresses

Unlimited Hosted Domains


cPanel (Optional)

1-hour Account Activation

A pronouncedly better server resource usage

Server resources at your complete disposal

By abolishing the requirement for an extra virtualization layer through which the entire communication with the main server is routed, KVM-driven Virtual Private Servers can benefit from a notably improved server resource usage. With KVM, the virtualization instructions are put directly into the kernel of the host OS, which suggests that all KVM-driven virtual servers can communicate directly with the physical server’s CPU.

Virtio network and disk drivers, on the other hand, cut out any unneeded emulation on the host. This minimized communication redundancy suggests an immensely faster real-life performance compared to other server virtualization products.

SSD–powered VPS Hosting Offerings

Much faster Virtual Private Servers with SSD hard drives

Having an SSD–based website hosting server is a significant benefit as far as web page improvement is addressed. A web page or a web application hosted on a solid–state drive will open and perform much faster than a website or a web app held on a standard HDD. That’s why, all our Linux KVM VPS hosting packages are provided with SSD storage space.

Completely unrestrained Operating System independence

Set up any Operating System you need

Often, when you get a virtual server, you get to pick from a limited selection of OSs, since they are the only ones the virtualization software is compatible with. KVM-powered virtual servers, however, don’t need any type of virtualization software – they communicate directly with the physical host server’s hardware components, which allows you to use virtually any OS that can run on the given server. Do you plan to set up BSD on your VPS? You can do this.

A middleman-free server virtualization

A kernel-based virtual machine virtualization

The most significant difference between KVM-driven virtual servers and nearly all other types of virtual servers is the server virtualization environment itself. With KVM, there’s no demand for any supplementary virtualization software program to be run on the physical machine – the indispensable software instructions are incorporated straight into the host OS kernel instead.

This considerably lessens the resources that the host server has to reserve so as to run additional applications and makes those resources in turn accessible to the VPSs. The absence of an additional communication layer also slashes the I/O wait time, effectively making your virtual server run distinctly faster.

Complete Admin Access

Unrestricted access to your server

With all of our Linux KVM VPS hosting packages, we ensure that you get complete root admission, therefore you would have total control of the way the host functions. In case you want, you will be able to un–install the Operating System and set up a new one.

You can easily re–setup PHP and Apache or deploy brand new software pack , which isn’t obtainable with the shared web hosting packages. And in case you would like help with any of these procedures, you can anytime benefit from our Installation & Troubleshooting offer.

Linux distribution Options

Opt for your Linux syndication

You are able to opt for a Linux syndication – CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu with all of our Linux KVM VPS hosting packages.

A zero cost Dedicated IP address

1 unique gratis dedicated IP address with each virtual server

With each Linux KVM VPS hosting package, you will be given one totally free dedicated IP.

A 99.9% Network Uptime

Topmost reliability is warranted

Our sysadmins are working hard in collaboration with the technical engineers at our data center in the States to make available a secure network for your VPS. In the USA located datacenter we also utilize the latest server equipment and protection applications available on the market to guarantee a 99.9% uptime for your virtual environment.

No VPS Setup Costs

No startup or network repairs and maintenance extra fees

Our Linux KVM VPS hosting packages are based on a leading–edge virtualization technology that grants you more freedom from the rest of the users on the server. The license cost of this technology increases the value of a VPS bundle when compared to that of a regular cloud web hosting service. To compensate for the greater cost, we won’t ask you for any installation and system maintenance fees.

Totally free Software with Your VPS

Zero cost reseller web hosting software instruments and a gratis dedicated IP address

We add in several free–of–charge benefits with your Linux KVM VPS hosting package to enable you to instantly improve your webpages. You will obtain a no cost dedicated IP address. Also, thanks to the domain reseller account and the ClientExec help and support and billing software tool that we include, you will be able to to start your own private reseller website hosting company from the beginning.

VPS Functions

The Linux KVM VPS hosting packages are well–equipped for a myriad of projects

We have carefully picked the features of all of our Linux KVM VPS hosting packages. That way, we can now rest assured that all our web server plans will work for you in the best way – from our basic Linux KVM VPS hosting package, which is really good for an individual multi–media heavy web site or a small–scale web app server, all the way up to our biggest Linux KVM VPS hosting package, which could develop into the foundation of a whole reseller web hosting home business.

All Linux KVM VPS hosting packages are positioned on extremely powerful, custom–configured master servers to ensure a reliable environment for you to build up and take care of your web

A 24/7/365 Support Service

We are available for you 24x7

ur staff of knowledgeable techs will be on duty for you day–and–night to help you out with your VPS. For example, in case you should tackle unexpected service interruptions or need to add specific software pack on your VPS, our experts will help you out.

You could get in touch with us anytime – our support crew is at hand 24x7x365. A 1–hour response guarantee is featured as well.